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MSG - M.S.G.


(Music : Michael Schenker/Lyrics: Robin McAuley) 4:52

I got my lights on a brand new target
Pretty a flower
She's got long, long legs
Let me tell you
I aim to hit my target through
Her hair is wild like her body moves
Let me put you in the picture
She does all the right things
Anywhere it seems
She's the new girl in my dreams

Ooh! What does, she does it
Until you can't stop it now!
Can't stop her now!
She does it in a way
Like no other woman

When Eve came aloog
Woman, found her man to carry on

When God made Woman for Man
This little old devil said
I'll take what I can
'Cause Adam he don't understand
Eve is my woman
This devit is her man

It's a dirty job, but it's a gift from God
I know I can't refuse her
Under his command
I'm in the palm of her hand
As long as she just understand

Ooh! She makes me feel
Like I'm the first lover she ever had
(And that ain't bad)
'Cause when God made man
He knew what he was doin'

When Eve came along
Woman, found her man to carry on

I got my sights
On a brand new target
Pretty as a flower
She's got long, long legs
Let me tell you
I aim to hit my target through

She's a bitch from hell
I know her very well
She put the "E" in evil
But she just cant cope
'Cause she ain't got no hope
When she's up against
This little devil

Oh! When we're together
We make it last forever
And that's a fact
'Cause there's a fire that's burnin'
Inside this little woman

When Eve came along
Woman, found her man to carry an lovin'
The world began
With a woman and a man

Oh! It's a miracle


(Music : Michael Schenker/Lyrics: Robin McAuley) 4:07

If you want paradise
If you can't make a choice
You're standing at the crossing of your life
Something's gotten hold of you
You can't think straight
What can you do?
Turn around and walk the other way

Life is full of mysteries
That come and go on the breeze
Oh! Never changin'. never changin'

We learn the golden rule
Spend our teenage lives in school
Takin il for granted day by day

Always something else to do
Distractions get the best of you
When you're young you think you know the way

There's preassures of another kind
Too frivilous, so never mind
Oh! Never changin'. never changin'
What is there to understand?
Someone always takes your hand
Oh! Never changin', never changin'

You can find it anywhere, it's just a matter of time
Hey what you lookin' for lookin ain'l no crime
Walk right up to the edge
Takt a look at life
Face to face with you
Staring at the truth
Gone with the wink of an eye
Disappeared, like the wind


(Harms/McAuley) 4:47

It's early morning, not quite awake
The urge is calling and I can't wait
I need you now, Oh!
Your body moves, we feel like one
You open your eyes and I feel so strong
I want you now, more than ever

You laugh when I cry
I'm beginning to see the reason why
Don't go thinking I'll never leave
'Cause you won't be laughin'
You won't believe (You better believe)

When I'm gone baby, gone
Who's gonna hold you
From dark until dawn
And who will be there
That can love you like me
When I'm gone?

Your clothes are hanging on the floor
My room is full of the night before
And the promise you made to love me forever

Oh! You can't use me
Then just up and leave
You got it wrong
You better believe
If I walk out that door
It's forever
There's no turnin' back

When I'm gone baby, gone
Who will you turn to
When you need someone
Who will be there to love you
Do what I do
When I'm gone..


(Music : Michael Schenker/Lyrics: Robin McAuley) 4:55

One thing I know.
Only get better
You only gotta keep it under control
And if you like it.
Just reach out and touch it
No one can stop you
Cos' your heart knows how to take it
How many times did you think.
You're goin crazy
Over and over till you nearly lost your mind
How many times in your life
Did it come easy
I tell you nothin'
Cos' nothin don't come easy, easy!
Temptations hard to mike the right decisions
In this city where hearts are made of stone
Broken promises in love
I should have known it
They'll screw you over
If you don't know how lo beat it
How many limes have you heard,
I really love you
And you believe it, cos' you believe in love
How many times have you cried
When the doors were slammin'
Until your world was crashin' in
From up above
Oh.' This broken heart
Oh! This broken heart
I'm breakin' from these emotions
I need lo mend this broken heart
I'm breakin' to find a brand new start

Keep movin' on, runnin' with the changes
You'll be much stronger
More than ever before
No one can break
Somethin' already broken
In little pieces, when the words
Are freshly spoken
How many times did you think
You knew the answers
To all the problems
That you had on your mind
How many times have you
Tried to turn your life around
Just keep on tryin' till you reach for more solid


(Music : Michael Schenker/Lyrics: Robin McAuley) 5:15

It started with a smile.
With a touching glance
From right across the room
To start our new romance
Never said a word
But the air was full of talk
In next to no time.
We were laughin' at each other's jokes
You knew that I believed in you
Didn't know you'd scare that easy
lnstead of giving me a chance,
You shut me out completely
I believe the day will come
When our love will be one
And all that we once shared
Cos' we believe in Iove
Two hearts that trust in everything
For our love is indeed
The greatest love
(Cos' we believe in Iove)
You say YOU need my friendship
Do you know what friends are for?
We made love most every day
Is that the kind of friend
You're lookin' for?
Said you wonna be alone
That you ain't got time for love
But don'f forget who you're talkin' to
I was all of that above
Tell me what you're gonna do
When you wake up felling lonely
Will you pick up the phone and call me
And tell me you've changed your mind
I don't understand. I'm a lovin' man
Said I made you feel like nobody else
Can I love you more
Said I found your secret door
Like a thief in the night
You walked out of my life
If it takes a lifetime.
Girl. you know I'm gonna find you
I never would've thought
That you'd leave me behind you
It makes no difference
Who you're gonna see
There ain't no one in the world
Ever gonna replace me
Just you wait and see
We believe in love


(Music : Newton/Lyrics: McAuley) 4:53

Gotta move, can't sit on my ass
I'm movin' up to a higher class
No time. no time to waste
I'm gonna wipe that smile off your face. yeah'
So tired gotta shake it up!
I'm long gone before the breakin' up!
I work hard for little pay
I'm sick and tired of livin'this way cos'

I've been close to the border line
I gotta keep rockin'
Just to make a dime
My woman keeps me pumpin'
And that's alright
But I wake up screamin' in the middle of the night

Goin' crazy, It's driven me mod
Crazy, for the things I never have
Crazy did someone call my name
I woke up screamin'
She was doin' it again

Got no credit, my Daddy's in jail
My Mama's got pregnant by another man
It's too late. too late to change it
A half breed brother and I know
They never plaoned it

I wish Superman was inside my body
Batman and all the gang
My favorite buddies
Bang-bang, shoot 'em all down!
Lifes a bloody circus
And I'm the star clown, 'cos

No one ever takes me serious
They say. "he's on drugs, he's delirious"
A sex-crazed maniac, always on the run
Cos' his mama and his Papa
They don't seem to give a damn

21 I'm the lone one
I live my life with a loaded gun
Bang, bang there it goes again
I don't really give a damn
What jail they put me in, 'cos

My Daddy's there and that's alright
He won't be sleeping much when he knows I'm inside
Gonna pay a little visit when they call lights out
He'll be kickin' and a screamin'
When he sees how I turned out


(Music : Michael Schenker/Lyrics: Robin McAuley) 3:42

Hey man! What's up
Tell me what's the scene
Been pickin' up some kinda vibe
If you know what I mean

Hearing funny stories
From people in the know
Got a thing or two to say 'bout you
Will wouldn't you know

Been hangin' out a lot these days
Word gets around
It ain't the hangin' out so much
As what's been goin' down

Hey man! What's up
Are you stayin' in the game
Are you gonna do what's
Good for you
All over again

Hey man! Don't quit
You sure have changed a lot
Talk to me honestly are you in a rut
Hey man. don't die
Give yourself a chance
Keep it clean, what you ain't seen
It make no sense

I'm strong enough to hold you
I hope you understand
Someone out there loves you
Reach out aad take their hand

Hey man! You're right
This life could suck you in
Gonna' spit it out, gonna' shout it out
All over again

I know you can be a better man
Like me o I'm invincible
Gonna' carry on 'cause I am on
You'll see o I'm invincible

Hey man! Your mind
is full of cruy things
Makes me wonder who you talk to
in your dreams
Anythin' is possible
But face reality
Sometimes you take it to extremes
And that's what bothers me

Livin' on the edge of life
Try to survive
Ain't no one to turn to
But the devil by your side

Hey! Be cool
I'll take you when its time
We made a deal, don't break the seal
The devil is mine

I know you can be a better man
Like me o I'm invincible
Gonna' carry on 'cause I am the one
You'll see o I'm invincible

livin' on the edge of life
Tryin' to survive
Ain't no one to turo to
But the devii by your side

I'll take you in your sleep my friend
But I ain't ready yet
My angel's kinda busy
Tryin' to mend a broken heart

Hey Man! What's up
I'll help you make it through
'Cause I m the only one
You're gonna' have to answer to

I know you can be a better man
Like me I'm Invincible
Gonna carry on 'cause I am the one
You'll see o I in invincible
When the time is riyht
Be it day or night
Yeah! I'm invincible!


(Music : Michael Schenker/Lyrics: Robin McAuley) 5:02

Everyday I think about you
All the time crazy for you
Tell myself, again and again
'll be patient but then

I feel you deep in my heart
Sell my soul for just one part
Could it be ooh! That easy
After all you've said to me

You broke my confidence
Took it all. why wn'l you see
Makes no difference, to you it seems
What happens to me

Everyday I Wake without you
One more way to face- what is true
Life goes on, what else can I do
You're not here 'cause you don't need me

Never had to worry
Didn't need to care
Said you really loved me
But you're not there

Everyday when I think about you
Like a prayer to a child is new
In my thoughts you'll always be
The only one who could make me happy


(Music : Michael Schenker/Lyrics: Robin McAuley) 4:29

Keep the home fire burnin' girl
Even though I'm gone
Cause you know I'II be back again
Just like there's nothin' wrong
Gets lonely in the night time
All I do is think of you
24 hours of every day
I'm goin' crazy Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

When I walk through your door
I'll give you what you want
You want love babe
Gonna give you soms love babe
Been so hungry for your touch
I hope my heart can take it
Can you take it. ooh'
Really take it

Those lonely nights won't gonna away
Until your lovin' arms are wrapped around me every day
Lonely nights, Lonely nights
They won't go away
well I just can't wait to see you babe

This road gets weary babe
(But) I know l gotta face it
In my heart I got your photograph
(Cause) it's the safest place to keep it
Another thousand miles today
Soon be back in good LA.
One more hotel then I'm home
Get ready baby, here I come

When I walk through your door
Into your lovin' arms
Gonna gimme' your love babe
Gonna give you my love babe
Been so long I can hardly wait
I can feel the rush
Ooh' Push it baby
Rocka-Bye Baby


(Music : Newton/Lyrics: Stewart) 4:51

Gina's got a six-string heartbeat
I could see the diamonds in her eyes
She would surrender on the back seat
All the way to paradise

One life, one crazy little moment
Nothin' else can take away the pain
Get ready for a night to remember
Love like this will never come again

Maybe she's cryin' alone in the night
No one will ever see the tears
As she walks into the light

This night is gonna last forever
Now she's gonna be someone.
It's her heart on the line for you
This night is gonna last forever
Promises were said and done
Can you really believe it's true

Gina's got a six-string heartbeat
No one else could ever be the same
She's feeling part of the music
Her one little piece of fame

One night, one crazy little moment
Taking everything that she can get
A souvenir of a lifetime
Somethin' that she can't forget

Sometimes when she's cryin' alone in the dark
She feels somethin'' inside
A little kick. a little spark


(Music : Michael Schenker/Lyrics: Robin McAuley) 6:24

Nightmare lying here in the dark
Scared like my dreams made their mark
I wonder
Dreamer always alone
Lost in a part of myself I can't find anymore
I wonder if it's gonna end tonight

I can't sleep alone anymore
I need you here with me
Even though I closed all the doors
There's somethin' holdin' me

Never Ending Nightmare
Always there instead of you
Never Ending Nightmare
No escape this time from you

Lately been around someone new
Needed to fill in the space
That once sheltered you
Still I worry, if you're gonna be alright

I can't sleep alone anymore
Need someone here with me
All I ever wanted and more
My dreams are fighting for

Never Ending Nightmare
Always there instead of you
Never Ending Nightmare
Punishing me for the things I do
Never ending Nightmare

No escape this time from you