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Michael Schenker - Thank You


(Music/Lyrics : Michael)

Stuck in the box
Nobody knows where to go
We are held together in this particular space,
Shaking. Afraid Suffocating each other.
I have made up my mind
I am leaving
I can see the disbelief in their faces, but I am going. Bye. Its all made up.
The guns and the bullets are unreal. so are the guards.
Where to go?
Someone gave me directions
It had been done before many times
There is a place where you can live freely, the only things you need to bring is
Faith, Trust, Love, Goodwill, The right attitude.
So I am on my way
The village bells are ringing, the drums are playing.
I hear bullets, but I know they are not real.
I just need to keep going
I am meeting someone on the way and together we keep going.
Guns keep shooting.
Once in a while we get scared, forgetting that it is all made up,
but the special instructions given to us keeps reminding us that there is nothing to fear.
Already things are changing, things becoming more pleasant and, we know
we can go back at any time to let others know that they can move freely
if they choose to, because the box is made up.